High Quality Video
On-site conferencing, or remote conferencing, we'll be wherever you need us to be.

We use top of the industry equipment, and always deliver the highest quality picture to help with ensuring your case is a success.

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Need a Professional Medical Opinion?

Don't drag the doctor to court and pay him a fortune for the entire day. Get their knowledge and opinion in the comfort of their own office; where staff and medical records are at hand to address any new questions that may arise.

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And lastly.. Why Us?

We know our role is important so we make sure it's done right.

  • Each Deposition is recorded in HD Resolution both on the camera itself and a laptop for redundancy.

  • Good audio is just as important as good video. Each attorney and witness is independently mic'd allowing us to manually balance the volume of different speaking styles.

  • We don't just dabble in depositions. This is our specialty, not birthday parties or weddings.

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